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What Is A CAA

CAAs are highly-skilled medical professionals who help plan and deliver anesthesia care within the Anesthesia Care Team (ACT). The ACT builds a patient-centric team that provides each patient with the safest model of care. Within the ACT, CAAs work as physician extenders who deliver a variety of care techniques under the supervision of an anesthesiologist. CAA responsibilities include:

  • Elicit a pre-anesthesia health history and perform a physical examination

  • Establish patient monitoring devices and intravenous access

  • Apply and interpret advance monitoring techniques

  • ​Participate in all aspects of a patient's anesthetic including, but not limited to, induction, maintenance, and emergence

  • Secure the patient's airway through a mask, endotracheal tube, or laryngeal mask airway

  • Interpret and record the patient's physiological and pharmacological status

  • Provide continuity of care into and during the post-operative period

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